Evolution of the Best Coffee Makers

Coffee MakerWe are now in a world filled with electric drip coffeemakers. The vast majority of units that you see on the market use this technology. Many Americans are using this type of coffee maker, they searched for the best coffee maker in this category. With this method cold water is fed through a machine where it is slowly heated up and sprayed onto the coffee granules. The water, which has now come into contact with the coffee, is filtered through and lands in the pot where it remains heated until it needs to be used. Much design innovation in recent years has been spent on developing this technology with many companies placing a firm focus on ‘useful’ features such as the ability to start the machine automatically, and even make changes to the layout of the machine to improve the quality of the taste.

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Foot Massager Innovation

Homedics FMS-270H Foot MassagerWe all need a good foot massage from time to time. Some may require it for health and pain management purposes. Others may require a foot massage for the purposes of relaxation. Now, whilst heading to a professional for your massage is a fantastic idea, not all of us have the cash or the time to do this. This is why the market for foot massagers is absolutely booming at the moment. As you may know, there are a LOT of foot massagers available on the market. On this page I wish to run you through some of the main technologies though.

The original intention of this page was to run you through the history of innovation when it comes to foot massagers. However during the research phase I very quickly realize that you can’t really write a history on innovation here. This in part down to the fact that there are far too many styles of massager on the market as almost every company has gone down a different route to their competitors. Instead I designed to place a firm focus on talking about the various technologies and how they differ from one another.

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The Evolution of Men’s Electric Shavers

modern electric shaverA number of products have been developed, in particular the Panasonic ES-LV81-K, a 5-blade shaver which have been designed to cut the closest with the use of an electric shaver. There is the Braun Series 7- 790cc that most electric shaver online reviews placed it as their number one electric shaver in terms of performance, comfort and price. For Philips, they still lead in manufacturing the best rotating shavers. The Norelco 1280x SensoTouch 3D is one of the sought after rotating shaver in the market today. The above mentioned advanced electric razors have resulted in perhaps the ‘cleanest’ shaves with the use of an electronic razor. In fact, it is going to provide such a close shave that you will not really notice any stubble left over unless you look REALLY hard. I have a feeling that technology is going to go this way in the future. There are a growing number of men that are now converting using electric shavers over manual razors and there’s no sign of stopping manufacturers in innovating and producing their latest, most advanced electric shavers that provides their most comfort and thorough shave with the growing demand of electric razors today.

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